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Ebb & Flow Filming Blooper Reels

We have a great time creating our own video offerings for our on-demand fitness series!  And where there is filming, there are bloopers!  All of our filming is just Amanda Snell and Diane Gabrielsen with three cameras and a microphone!

Why do we do this?

Our Story?  So glad you asked- we are a bootstrap business created by two Wisconsin women just doing our thing.  We are motivated by one goal -  to help you discover or engage in fitness.  This is the shame free, judgement free zone.  We just want to be part of taking your first steps or maintaining your fitness level.  

Feel free to reach out.  We're real people with day jobs, just bringing fitness to your living room, computer, or phone.  No big corporations here- just us two -- and you, and you are the heart of why we do this. 

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