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Code of Conduct

By attending a class, registering for this website, using our products

-- including but not limited to: videos, streaming services, and instructors --you have agreed to the code of conduct below.  

Important Notices -  You Accept and Agree to Abide By
Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct: 





You agree to abide by all Terms, Waivers of Liability, and other agreements published on this site.


Please be respectful of everyone in the studio or event location. 


Do not take significant extra space for personal belongings on the studio or event location floor.  

Please keep your area clean, and if using our equipment, please wipe it down with cleaners provided after use.

Please keep low voices upon entering the studio or event location.

Be respectful of others privacy.


We are not responsible for any personal items of any kind brought to any event location or Studio.  We do not provide any Services for the safety or safeguards of any personal items or vehicles brought to the location, either inside or outside the event or Studio, regardless of how/where they are stored.  Items brought to class or the location are at your own risk.

Use of any care services for children is not part of Services of Ebb & Flow Studio.

Do not bring children or observer guests to the event or Studio.  They will not be allowed to stay for the privacy and safety of Members and event or class attendees. If you bring your children to the location, they must have present adult supervision that is not engaged in a class or other activity.  Do not leave children unattended for any reason within the event or studio location.

Do not bring any glass containers into the event or Studio.

Beverages brought into the studio must be in sealed, leakproof containers that are non-breakable.  

If leaving class or event before the end, please exit quietly.

We provide no locking or enclosed spaces for storage.

If you have any kind of Service issue, please contact us right away at  We would much rather hear the feedback directly and correct it than have it linger.  We are a learning organization; we only get better when we learn from you.  We take your concerns seriously. We welcome your feedback, positive or negative.  Thank you for sharing and trusting us.

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