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Instructor Highlight: Amanda Snell

Certified Master Yoga Teacher 
and Your Personal Coach

My name is Amanda Snell, and I have been passionate about health and fitness for as long as I can remember.


I had lifted weights for many years and always thought, "Yoga is just stretching. Who needs that?" My very first yoga class, I found myself humbled. It is so much more! The strength (both physically and mentally), the flexibility, and the improvements in sleep that I saw were just the beginning of my journey. I fell in love with yoga from that first class.


After practicing for years, I took a 200-hour course as part of the continuation of my fitness journey to get my RYT certification. I knew I wanted to teach and help others on their fitness journeys. Teaching has deepened my love for the practice even more. 

In yoga, there is always something to improve on. You are forever a student! And that is the mentality I try to foster in my classes. I look forward to helping you on your fitness journeys.

My Vision

Provide great classes and experiences in yoga, barre, and pilates.

Have some fun!  

Help you improve your health!

Meet the Team

Ebb & Flow Studio is happy to introduce our tiny team on a big mission to help with health through mind and body fitness with Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Meditations, Well-work Stretching, Recipes,

and hopefully some inspiration and joy.

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